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What is Royal Network?

Hi, Crystal S. Kauffman-Amon, has always been creative as she worked on little projects, which has a blog or website she built. However, she has begun making all her websites and blogs part of a network, which she built as she worked with each project over the last decade. Crystal diligently worked at growing her freelance writing business that is named, Princess Crystal Says (Freelance Writing Business) or Princess of Communications (Partnership with Lyn Lomasi).

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This Was Built By Crystal

Every time a new blog or writing platform is added by a writer, this network becomes larger which allows writers to submit to many topics. Honestly, there is no right way of doing this actual idea of building a writing network, so my mission will give every writer a place to submit their work. Additionally, Crystal is creating the beginning of this new Royal Network, by adding her own blogs that she built over the last two decades.

The Royal Network is built under the Princess of Communications as the business Crystal S. Kauffman-Amon is partnering with Lyn Lomasi, to build a new writing community.

Join Our Network

Become A Member Of The Royal Network

The main rule of this new writing network that Crystal created is basically to be positive or helpful with the posts that are submitted. As members pick out one the topics listed below, the actual post they submit should be honest and encouraging because many families face cancer, addiction, pet issues, as well as much more that is going to added when the other writing communities are added.

  • Laugh at Cancer Support Community
  • Tidbit’s Doggie Castle…About Pets
  • Chasing Recovery…life after addiction
  • Royal Rhymes for Poetry
  • Every submission post must be 300 words or less
  • Each topics has to be about positive things or sharing a story
  • No negative topics or any kind of political rants.
  • Submissions are reviewed and edited as they arrive
  • Each post can have one photo, so be sure to pick one out to share
  • Creating a place for all writers to share original writing
  • Making this writing network something worth joining
  • There is no limit on paid member’s submissions each month
  • Monthly fee of $5.00

Crystal is hoping writers will Become members and add their own writing platforms to this growing network.

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